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Original Japanese(Abstract of JPH07-304775)
【目的】 抗炎症作用、免疫調節作用、鎮痛作用、解熱作用、抗アレルギー作用、抗うつ作用等を有する新規化合物の提供。
【構成】 一般式

〔式中、R1 は低級アルキルなどを、R2 は低級アルカノイル基などを示し、R3 は、置換基を有してもよいフェニルチオ基などを、またXはCH又はNを示す。〕で表されるナフチリジン及びピリドピラジン誘導体により達成される。
【効果】 免疫調節剤、消炎・鎮痛解熱剤、抗アレルギー剤、抗うつ剤として慢性関節リウマチ、腎炎、中枢性疾患、喘息、乾癬などの治療及び予防に有効に利用できる。

Translation using translation software (customized for patent)
The [purpose] Offer of a new compound which has an anti-inflammation action, an immunity regulation action, a painkilling action, an alleviation-of-fever action, an anti-allergy action, an anti- うつ action, etc.
[Composition] General formula
[-izing 1]

R1 shows low-grade アルキル etc. among [formula, R2 shows a low-grade アルカノイル machine etc., and X shows CH or N for the フェニルチオ machine with which R3 may have a substitution machine again. ] It comes out and is attained by the ナフチ lysine expressed and the ピリドピラジン derivative.
[Effect] It can use effective in the medical treatment and prevention of rheumatoid arthritis, a nephritis, a center nature disease, asthma, psoriasis, etc. as an immunity regulation agent, reduction of inflammation and a pain reliever, an anti-allergy agent, and an anti-depressant.

Our Translation (wisel)
[Object] To provide novel compounds having antiinflammatory, immunomodulating, analgesic, antipyretic, antiallergic and antidepressant activities, among others.
[Constitution] The above object is accomplished by providing naphthyridine and pyridopyrazine derivatives
represented by the general formula
[Chemical 1]

wherein R1 represents a lower alkyl etc., R2 a lower alkanoyl etc., R3 a phenylthio group, which may optionally be substituted, etc., and X CH or N.
[Effects] They can effectively be used as immunomodulators, anti-inflammatory/ analgesic antipyretics, antiallergics or antidepressants in the treatment and prevention of rheumatoid arthritis, nephritis, diseases of the central nervous system, asthma, psoriasis, etc.