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Prior Art Search

Global & Seamless Search

Technical Trend Analysis

Intellectual Property Rights Search Services
(Patent, Utility Model, and Design)

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A. Substantive Search

1. Novelty
2. Prior Art
3. State-of the art
4. Validity
5. Infringement
6. Global & Seamless
7. Technical Trend Analysis

B. Formal Search

1. Patent literature copying
2. Status
3. Family Patent
4. Name←Assignee on invention
5. File history
6. Non-patent literature copying

C. Watching

The latest information on newly issued patents, trademark, etc., can be delivered on a regular basis (monthly, bimonthly, etc.).

D. Design

Based on Japanese Design Classification, the article to which the design is to be applied is selected.
Design Gazettes(Publications) categorized in corresponding classifications are searched by using J-PlatPat of JPO(Japan Patent Office).

How to Order

Contact us and provide a copy of the specification or publication of patent, patent application, utility model and utility model application.We will provide you with our estimate and an approximative delivery date as soon as possible.

Time needed and Fee for these searches varies by the field of the art and number of the documents.
All searches are estimated at first for the client’s acceptance.
Estimates are FREE of charge. Please feel free to contact us.