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Global & Seamless Search for Patent and Non-patent

This is a global search covering worldwide references using J-PlatPat of JPO, JP-NET, HYPAT-i2, SRPARTNER, Derwent Innovation, Orbit Intelligence, Espacenet of EPO, USPTO patent full-text and image database of USPTO, Delphion, Dialog and Patolis, which are for patent and utility model, and STN and J Dream II, which are for non-patent. The seamless search is performed to verify the existence of prior art or relating documents seamlessly before filing a patent application or a request for examination in addition to the infringement search and the validity search.

1. Covered Documents

In principle, published patent literatures and, also, non-patent literatures, are covered in accordance with the content of the search.

2. Term of Search

In principle, published patent literatures and non-patent literatures are available up to the present.
It is possible to determine the term in accordance with the technical field and the technical content.

3. Search Procedure

After the careful review on the technical content search strategies for each database are drawn up to narrow the final number of search results to from around 1,000 to 5,000 references.
Then full texts of the hit references are carefully investigated and references closely related with the object of the search will be reported as attached references.

4. Reporting Style

We will locate at least one patent, utility model, or non-patent reference and report it together with the search strategies to be used in the search and the copies of the located references.

・Report only the degree of similarity to the object of the search
・Report with brief comments comparing with the object of the search

*Reporting in a customized format is also available.

Exemplary case study of the global search using USPTO patent full-text and image database or Delphion, esp@cenet, IPDL, PATOLIS, JP-NET, HYPAT-i, SRpartner and JDream II is shown below.

  Reporting style (Sample 1)

Application No. 2002-xxxxxx:
mobile telephone having both functions of GPS and wave clock
Covering periods to be searched:
1975.1.1 〜 2002.10.20

References to be searched:
worldwide patent and utility model applications (only for database available)

Search points:
(1) mobile telephone or PDA incorporated with GPS and wave clock linked to a satellite
(2) mobile terminals with GPS and/or wave clock

IPC, USC and technical words to be used for interrogating in each database are shown.
Also, technical words will be translated into proper Japanese language in the case of the Japanese patent and utility model search.

1. 455/456 or 455/403 or 455/426 or 455/427 or 455/456
    or 342/352 or 342/357 or 342/357.06 or 342/357.16
2. H04M01/21 or H04Q07/20
3. mobile or cellular
4. telephone or phone or terminal or PDA
5. ”wave clock” or “square-wave clock”
6. clock or timepiece or watch or time
7. standard or exact? or GPS or “global positioning system" or satellite

Multiple formulas will be applied eventually.
Case 1: ((1 or 2) and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7)
Case 2: (3 and 4 and (5 or 6))

Hit patent and utility model references, which have found in Boolean formulas, should be investigated in terms of their full specifications and compared with the search subject.
Search Results
List of located references:
( 1 )JP2002-304376 Japanese publication patent (similarity: strong)
( 2 )JP09-247255 Japanese publication patent (similarity: moderate)
( 3 )JPU3063116 Japanese granted utility model (similarity: strong)
( 4 )US6,317,602B1 U.S.A granted patent (similarity: moderate)
( 5 )US2002115478 U.S.A. application (similarity: moderate)
( 6 )DE19943950 German publication patent (similarity: background)
( 7 )CN1344096 Chinese publication patent (similarity: background)
( 8 )US2002022490 U.S.A. application (similarity: background)
( 9 )WO0163317 PCT (similarity: background)
(10)DE19817962 German publication patent (similarity: background)
(11)Visual tech. Non-patent (similarity: background)