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Technical Trend Analysis

1.Technical Trend Analysis

Technical trend analysis maps out global strategic information to support the development of internationally competitive technology. WISEL provides elaborate information based on worldwide patent information. This patent information analysis service will greatly assist you in formulating strategy and determining the validity of your ongoing technology development programs.

How to use technical trend analysis

Effective use of patent

・Identifying products and application fields of specific technology
・Identifying elements of individual companies and their development cycles
・Clarifying offensive patents and patents to be defended

Comprehension of trend

・Identifying the trend of the prior art technology
・Identifying the degree of completeness of specific technology to date
・Developing internationally competitive strategic technology

Saving time

・Comprehending specific technology in a short time
・Organizing a huge amount of data
・Compiling a database covering specific technology

Effectiveness of technical trend analysis

Management strategy

・Facilitating formulation of management strategy
・Selecting technology with high potential for commercialization
・Taking offensive or defensive action

Development strategy

・Confirming core technology of the company
・Finding partners for joint R&D
・Ascertaining enterable technical field
・Providing guideline regarding development

Reducing costs

・Reducing R&D costs by eliminating useless investment
・Reducing the time required for development
・Organizing collected information

2.Technical Trend Analysis using Graphical Displays

Content of requested technical trend analysis

(Partial introduction)
− Nanotechnology −

Regarding nanotechnology, which is a technology of tremendous potential, the purpose of analysis is to clarify the trend of patent applications, prospective new technical areas and potential innovative technologies.

Example 1: Annual trend of the number of patent applications;

Referring to the trend of the number of applications, the stage the technology has reached (birth, development, maturity, decline) is clarified based on the vitality of current technical development and the rate of growth in the number of patents granted each year.

The graph depicts a linear increase indicating that nanotechnology is at the development stage. Therefore, it is predicted that this technological field will increase exponentially in future and be applicable in diverse technical fields.

Example 2: Major applicant and the leading company

The main companies in a specific technological field are identified, the leading company is identified, and the principal technologies each company is developing are identified.

The high ranking of universities and research institutes reflects the fact that nanotechnology is being promoted at the national level. Leading companies and research institutes worldwide are competing intensely regarding the development of nanotechnology. Toshiba, NEC, Hitachi Metals, Japan Science & Technology Agency, Hitachi, etc. are highly ranked in this graph based on Japanese patent information.

Example 3: Potential of nanotechnology for development

Predicting the potential of nanotechnology for
development in various application fields.