"Global warming","Eco-measures",and"Energy and Natural Resources".
We can see those words on the media every day. It looks as if the countdown for the life of the earth is already started.In order to tackle this global crisis, we have given a deep thought to what we can do for the society as men who are responsible for intellectual property information.

The original object of inventions is to improve the convenience in people's lives. International and domestic patent documents and other documents such as academic papers are to disclose detailed descriptions of the inventions, and therefore contain plenty of human wisdom, experience and knowledge with regard to technology. That is to say, These documents include valuable information that gives a crucial insight for reforming the world. However, in order to find out useful information among a vast amount of documents over the world as quick as possible, there is a need for the staff that has the great technique supported by long experience and the expertise in law systems and information seach as well as language skills. We are confident that WISEL is the expertise group lining up such people in various technology fields.

We sincerely wish to contribute to the society by actively search and provide excellent knowledge among systemized international and domestic patent documents and other documents for individuals, corporations, research institutes such as universities, and nations who pursue innovation for the survival of the earch.

We are alwatys grateful for your continuing support and encouragement for us.